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Restrictions on food and drink
Nothing to eat or drink 2 hours prior to the procedure.
No alcoholic beverages the night before nor the day of the procedure.
No pain medications the day of your procedure. All other medications may be taken with sips of water.

Platelet Inhibiting Medications
If you routinely take drugs such as Aspirin or Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (Advil, aleve, daypro, naproxen, ibuprofen), you may have increased risk of bleeding associated with spinal procedures. All aspirin or aspirin containing products are recommended to be stopped for seven days and all NSAIDs are recommended to be stopped for five days prior to your scheduled appointment.

Bleeding Tendencies
If you are on anti-coagulant therapy such as Coumadin, Plavix, Lovenox or Heparin, you will not be considered an appropriate candidate for spinal procedures due to the inability of your blood to form clots. These medications need to be stopped in advance to normalize your clotting factors in order to lessen your chance of experiencing bleeding complications. You need to consult with your prescribing physician regarding the risks associated with stopping these medications.

Medication Allergies
If you are allergic or hypersensitive to certain medications, contrast dye, or food groups (seafood), please inform Dr. Chang's office prior to your scheduled appointment. Our surgical suites are latex free.

Stable Medical Conditions
If you have diabetes mellitus, please inform the office so your appointment will be scheduled before 10:00AM. Due to the fasting requirement of 2 hours before the procedure, please consult your prescribing physician's office regarding your hypoglycemic medications and insulin doses.

If you have stable congestive heart failure, chronic renal insufficiency and significant hypertension, please be aware of the possibility of fluid retention that maybe associated with steroid administration.

Unstable Medical Conditions
Spinal injections are considered elective medical procedures. All elective procedures are reserved for medically stable patients without life-threatening illnesses. If you are medically unstable, please have your medical condition treated and stabilized prior to scheduling for any spinal injections.

If you have a local or systemic infections at the time of your appointment, you will not be considered an appropriate candidate for spinal procedure due to the possibility of introducing infections into your spinal canal. Please notify your referring physician's office and receive the appropriate treatments.

Dress Code
Wear comfortable clothing, preferably sweat pants and shirts. Please do not wear any jewelry.

We strongly recommend that you are accompanied by a friend or family member during your visit.

Sedating medications will not be administered to those who do not have a driver.

Once intravenous sedation is provided during the procedure, you will not be allowed to drive, return to work, operate machineries nor sign any legal documents due to temporary cognitive impairment associated with these medications for 24 hours.

If you are taking public transportation, you will still need someone to accompany you after sedation. Please do not wear any jewelry.